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RedDoor Homes are independent property experts based in Rochester, specialising in residential property valuation.

From a single flat to a portfolio of many houses the team at RedDoor Homes can help you with the best advice, valuation and market positioning.


How to get property valuation?

RedDoor Homes offers professional, same-day property valuation services to everyone. You can use our online property valuation tool for instant valuation of your home or book same-day in-person valuation. Simply complete the property valuation form, and one of our team members will be in-touch shortly.

Free property valuation

Both our valuation services are completely free of charge, with absolutely no commitment. Talk to our experts today to get professional advice tailored to your situation.

Property valuation online

Knowing the market value of your property is the first step to successfully selling or letting your property. Our online valuation tool is a quick and easy way to find out what your property is worth. You can get a valuation of your home in minutes - all you need to do is type in your address, select the number of bedrooms and choose a property valuation type. You’ll know the value of your property in a click of a button!

Don’t forget, online valuations are conducted by robots, the number you get from an online tool is only an estimate of the market value of your property! To get a more accurate figure, we would recommend booking an in-person valuation.

Preparing your property for an in-person valuation

Everyone wants their property to have a higher market value. That is why you should treat an in-person valuation of your property the same way as having guests over.

Make sure your property is at its best to impress the estate agent, get it as tidy and shiny as possible.

  • Prioritise cleaning your kitchen and bathroom - these areas can add value to your home.

  • Make sure there is no rubbish

  • Lighting - a valuation report should include at least 5 photos - make sure you have enough lighting for your property to looks its best.

  • Allow access so we can see and measure every room in your property.

  • Documentation - see if you can provide any previous floorplans or property paperwork that could speed up the valuation process.

  • Details and renovations - make sure you let an estate agent know of any recent renovations and the costs of those.

  • Be honest - a professional will know the real value of your property, exaggerating will only slow down the process.

While our online valuation offers an instant estimate, our in-person valuations give more accurate figures but do take a little longer to process, with many factors to consider - thank you for your patience!

You’re welcome to chat to our team of professional estate agents about your property – we are always happy to help!

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