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With over 20 years’ experience in business, from trading Foreign Exchange in the city to building multi million pound property portfolios I like to think I know what works and what works well. With a natural entrepreneurial outlook on life I have been involved in many start-ups all of which have lead me to the creation of RedDoor Homes.

My aim is to reinvent estate agency using the greatest industry professionals around. Every member of the team is trained to the highest level in their field and can comfortably refer to themselves as experts. Constantly evolving, learning and training in a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere ensures we continue to break boundaries.

A competitor once referred to us by asking a client “if they would rather deal with Lidl or Waitrose?” 

We of course took being compared to the fastest growing supermarket in the UK whilst changing people’s perceptions on a traditional market as a tremendous compliment. The same competitor also highlighted the fact that we wear jeans and not the conventional suit and tie, another approach that we are very proud of. As pointed out by our client, she felt exceptionally comfortable and relaxed in our shop, and echoed the point that very few (none to date) of our clients wear suits or ties so why would we. The client chose US


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