Moving into a new house can be stressful, especially if you don’t know what to expect. We wrote this checklist to make your moving process hassle-free.

Before moving into a new house

  • Set up your internet. It often takes weeks for broadband service providers to allocate an engineer. We would recommend contacting them before moving in to make sure everything is installed by the day you move in.

    If buying a flat in a block or complex, check if there is a special deal on Internet - sometimes you can snag a super fast bargain with a quick bit of investigation

  • Take measurements and start planning your furniture. You shouldn’t buy any furniture before the deal is finalised, but it is good to have a plan in mind.

  • Redirect your post.

Moving day checklist

  • Check your meters and make sure that your utility providers have correct serial numbers for your meter readings.

  • Register with local providers and set up direct debit. Register with the local council, water and electricity supplier.

  • Register to vote. When you move to a new house you need to register to vote. This is important not only for you to be eligible to vote, but it can also boost your credit score as credit agencies check your registered address for security in order to prevent fraud. From now on, each resident has to register individually.

  • Sort out old residents’ post. Legally, you can’t open any post that’s not addressed to you, but equally you shouldn’t just bin it. The best way to deal with old residents’ post is to write on it ‘return to sender, receiver no longer lives at this address’ and pop it to the post office. This way you’re letting companies know not to send anything to this address in future.

After moving in to your new home

  • Unpack the essentials. It might be tricky to unpack everything at once. In order to make your moving process less painful start with unpacking just the essentials, then gradually work your way through everything else in the days and weeks after moving.

  • Write down your to-do’s. Moving can be stressful - there’s a lot to do and a lot to think about. Keeping to-do lists can help make sure everything gets done and gives you peace of mind that you’re not forgetting something important.

  • Inspect your appliances thoroughly. Address all visible signs of damage, check for plumbing leaks.

  • Install new locks. It is recommended to change your locks after moving in to a new place. You can’t be 100% sure of the previous owner intentions, and you don’t know who else might have keys to your doors.

  • Recycle packing materials. Moving usually requires a lot of packaging, most of which can be recycled. Be sure to check local recycling guides to see what can or can’t be recycled in your area.

  • Greet your neighbours. No one likes to have a bad relationship with their neighbours - going round to say “hello” to your nearest is a sure-fire way to kick things off on the right foot with them. They may also be able to give to tips and recommendations about living in the area.

Contact our team for any advice on buying a property and the process you’ll have to go through.

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