All of our staff are qualified and externally trained to obtain industry specific qualifications.

Landlords and tenants all have individual needs and expectations and we are in the fortunate position where we can offer a bespoke service to suit you.

Should you require advice on purchasing an investment property or building a buy to let portfolio then a senior member of staff will happily talk this through with you and answer any queries you may have in regards to yields, rental prices, insurance or buy to let mortgages.

No matter how you became a Landlord or how many properties make up your portfolio, the benefits of having what is likely to be your most valuable asset managed by experienced, knowledgable and successful professionals are considerable. 

If your property is ready to be marketed then please visit our same day valuation page to arrange a visit from a property expert.

The process of letting your property

1. Valuation

With quality advice from day one, we will carry out a free, no obligation valuation of your property. We will provide supporting evidence of similar homes let in your area. We will advise on how to maximise your rent so that you are able to make the most of your property, as we know your most valuable asset needs to work for you. We will discuss your requirements and find a package to suit your needs.

2. Choosing your agent

Why RedDoor Homes? Our team has many years of experience in the local area, and because of this we’re able to understand moving, marketing, your personal plans and future timescales. We have a dedicated lettings team, and are the only agent in the area to offer trail blazing Presenter Led and Video Tours.

Our employees are committed to inspiring confidence and trust in you and your fellow Landlords. We boast the highest number of ARLA qualified professionals of any independent letting agency, allowing you peace of mind and a sense of security.

3. Marketing

First impressions are incredibly important. That’s why we use professional photo and video equipment. We will prepare a detailed floor plan all to make your property stand out from the rest. Our Videographer will arrange a virtual walkthrough to maximise exposure, along with a specifically targeted social media campaign, to ensure your property is viewed by as many potential tenants as possible.

4. Viewings

RedDoor Homes will accompany all viewings. After each viewing we will give you honest and constructive feedback. This also helps us to adapt our strategy to give you the best chance of letting your property.

5. Offers

We are your agents, so we will look after and handle all of your offers. We will advise and then accept or decline your offers. Letting us do this for you also de-personalises the process and takes the emotion out of the transaction. You are completely in control of how much you want to offer or accept, however it does give you more opportunity to get the right tenant along with a good price. Selecting your tenant is the commencement of a business relationship and getting it right is paramount! Our senior team will only ever deal with offers to ensure you have the best person working for you.

6. Referencing

Once you have accepted an offer we will commence the referencing process to carry out all necessary checks on the tenants. We use a third party referencing agency to ensure that no stone is let unturned. Our referencing agency are also the providers of our Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses policy and therefore have a keen interest to get detailed references.

Taking this information into account and considering other factors – such as whether the tenant is looking for a long-term home, or if they are moving into the catchment area of a certain school, both of which indicate they will stay for several years – will help you select the right tenant.

7. Pre Tenancy Property Preparation

Once the tenants have passed referencing (or before) you may have some outstanding maintenance issues to resolve. We strongly recommend that the property is professionally cleaned – to set a standard of how the property needs to be returned – and this will also help maintain its condition going forward.

When it comes to letting a property, you should view the whole process as a business transaction. As such, you will need to be fully aware of the legislation surrounding the industry and kept up to date with the frequent changes in it. You can face a hefty fine or even a custodial sentence if you do not comply with certain regulations, so make sure you are protected at all times. A quality letting agent – such as RedDoor Homes – will ensure you are letting in accordance with the latest legislation and will advise you when the legislation changes.

8. Move in

As a Landlord, there are lots of documents you will need to compete correctly and have in place at all times to ensure you and your property are protected, so its important to understand what is required. An inventory and schedule of condition are vital in ensuring you can make a successful claim against the tenancy deposit for any damage caused by your tenants.

The tenancy agreement must cover all of the responsibilities to the tenant and yourself, as well as protect you against relevant risk such as a pet clause, in cases where a tenant has an animal.

As your agent, we will coordinate with you everything you need and on the day of move in, we will arrange for the tenants to visit our office to sign all tenancy documents and make payment for their first months rent in advance and deposit, and talk through their tenancy obligations.

9. After Move in

After the tenancy commences we will forward you a copy of your account statement, a copy of the tenancy agreement and associated paperwork.

We will also provide you with login access to your own Landlord Portal where you can download, print and monitor your Landlord account.

Unlike many corporate agents, we have retained in-house property management teams in our branch. This means your home is managed by a local person who is extremely knowledgable on the subject of the local rental market, knows the local contractors and is available to meet face to face with you or your tenant.

Whether you want to be updated regularly, or only wish to hear from us about significant issues, we will keep you informed. Whatever your priorities are, we will take the time to understand them and make them our priorities too.

Landlord Insurance 

Did you know that your standard home insurance policy doesn’t cover tenanted properties? It is therefore important to have a specialist Landlord insurance, to protect you against damage or loss.

A Landlord insurance policy will cover you for every eventuality, and unlike standard home insurance policies, provides you with cover for any period of time when the tenants are away. At RedDoor Homes, we’ve teamed up with Brownhill Insurance to create a comprehensive insurance policy that offers Landlords all the protection they need to let their properties. RedDoor Homes have used Brownhill Insurance for their own properties and personal homes and have found them to always be competitive, efficient and transparent.

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